How Kompoz Studio Works

Kompoz Studio is a platform for creating songs with musicians all around the world.
What best describes your goals?

I have a song I want to finish

I want to earn money contibuting my talents to songs

Kompoz Studio is perfect for songwriters who want to crowdsource original custom-ordered tracks for their projects.

Meet Dug

Dug is a songwriter who also plays guitar. He's working on a song he wrote last week. So far, he's written down some lyrics and recorded the guitar parts on his laptop using his favorite audio editing software. Dug needs someone to add bass, drums, and vocals.


Prepare Assets

First, Dug will open his audio editor and export the guitar track he has already recorded. He's decided he will export the track as an MP3, but you can use any audio file format you choose.

For best results, he will add a Sync Tone to the beginning of his guitar track. This is optional, but you'll find that it helps with multi-track editing.


Create a Gig

Dug will create three gigs on Kompoz Studio -- one for the bass track, one for drums, and one for vocals. He will create the drum gig first, and plans to finalize that gig before launching one for bass. He believes that it would be best to have the final drums in place before asking bass players to contribute, since it will give the bass players a better sense of the tempo and feel for the work.

Dug looked at some of the other active gigs on Kompoz Studio and set the payout for his gig to be competitive.


Provide Feedback and Direction

With the gig now launched, Dug will stay involved by listening to new entries and answering questions posted by musicians. He knows that a successful gig requires that he provide creative direction throughout each phase of the gig.

During the first phase, the gig will remain open for submissions for up to 20 days (he can choose 5 - 20 days). It will follow the process listed below.

The Five Phases of Every Gig


Open for Submissions
During this phase, Kompoz Studio musicians can download tracks from a gig, import those tracks into their own audio editing software (DAW), and record their accompanying track. When ready, they will export their own track and upload it to the gig. The gig owner should review each submission that is uploaded and provide feedback and direction. The gig owner can end this phase early by choosing up to 4 finalists at any time.


Finalists Selection
The gig owner has up to 3 days to select up to 4 finalists. The finalists will be notified by email and moved into the next phase. All other submissions will be rejected and archived. No further uploads will be allowed during this phase.


Final Revisions
During this phase, the finalists will be given up to 5 days to make final revisions, based on feedback from the gig owner. This is their opportunity to fine-tune their ideas. No other musicians will be allowed to upload during this phase. The gig owner can end this phase early by selecting a winner at any time.


Winner Selection
The gig owner has up to 3 days to select a winner from the list of finalists. During this phase, no further uploads are permitted. The gig owner can end this phase early by selecting a winner at any time.


The gig owner has selected a winner. The gig now moves into the Handover phase. Both the winner and the gig owner will electronically sign an Asset Transfer Agreement, which is a contract between the two parties outlining the transfer of rights to the winning submission from the musician to the gig owner in exchange for the gig payout money. After the agreement is executed, then the gig owner will be able to download the original audio files and the winner will receive the payout.