How Kompoz Studio Works

Kompoz Studio is a platform for creating songs with musicians all around the world.
What best describes your goals?

I have a song I want to finish

I want to earn money contibuting my talents to songs

Kompoz Studio is great for musicians who want to earn extra cash recording music from their home studios.

Meet Mia

Mia is an amazing bass player. She has a laptop and she prefers GarageBand to record and edit audio at home. She has a Focusrite Solo, but she knows that any audio interface will work. Mia wants to collaborate with other musicians online and possibly earn money playing bass.


Browse Gigs

Mia will login to Kompoz Studio and browse the active gigs. She can easily filter the gigs by choosing Bass from the Track Type dropdown. She can listen to the projects by pressing the Play button. She found a couple of projects she wants to join.


Download Gig Assets

Mia will start by visiting the gig's Brief page. There she'll find a description of the song, as provided by the gig owner. A well-written brief should include information about the song's structure, key, mood, and tempo. It will also (normally) include audio files that Mia can download and import into her DAW. The audio files Mia will download from the gig will usually be in MP3, AIFF, or WAV formats.


Record and Upload Track

Mia will record her bass on a separate track in her DAW. When finished, she'll export a preview mix as an MP3, AIFF, WAV, Lame, or other supported audio format. The preview mix should be a mixdown of the original assets she downloaded with her bass track added. She'll upload that to the gig so that the gig owner can hear the idea. She'll keep her instrument track separate in her DAW, so that she can provide it as a high-quality individual instrument track if she wins the gig.


Keep Jamming!

Mia can upload more than one submission (idea) to the same gig. She can also browse other open gigs and continue to the process, but she should never upload the same track to more than one gig. Mia should monitor the gig and watch as her work goes through the five phases of every gig.

See below to learn how the gig will progress.

The Five Phases of Every Gig


Open for Submissions
During this phase, Kompoz Studio musicians can download tracks from a gig, import those tracks into their own audio editing software (DAW), and record their accompanying track. When ready, they will export their own track and upload it to the gig. The gig owner should review each submission that is uploaded and provide feedback and direction. The gig owner can end this phase early by choosing up to 4 finalists at any time.


Finalists Selection
The gig owner has up to 3 days to select up to 4 finalists. The finalists will be notified by email and moved into the next phase. All other submissions will be rejected and archived. No further uploads will be allowed during this phase.


Final Revisions
During this phase, the finalists will be given up to 5 days to make final revisions, based on feedback from the gig owner. This is their opportunity to fine-tune their ideas. No other musicians will be allowed to upload during this phase. The gig owner can end this phase early by selecting a winner at any time.


Winner Selection
The gig owner has up to 3 days to select a winner from the list of finalists. During this phase, no further uploads are permitted. The gig owner can end this phase early by selecting a winner at any time.


The gig owner has selected a winner. The gig now moves into the Handover phase. Both the winner and the gig owner will electronically sign an Asset Transfer Agreement, which is a contract between the two parties outlining the transfer of rights to the winning submission from the musician to the gig owner in exchange for the gig payout money. After the agreement is executed, then the gig owner will be able to download the original audio files and the winner will receive the payout.