Getting Started on Kompoz Studio

There are 3 key morsels of knowledge that -- once you grok -- will make you a Kompoz Studio superhero.

Gigs Are Work Requests for Musicians

A gig is a request for work with an associated cash payout. Users post gigs for work they need (e.g., guitar solo, vocals, mixing and mastering, etc.). Each gig has a creative brief, optional attachments, and a due date. Most gigs have audio attachments which other users can download to work on the gig.

Musicians upload their ideas to the gigs. Any user on Kompoz Studio can submit to an active gig. As ideas are posted, the gig owner should listen to each one and provide feedback or suggestions for revisions. At the end of the Gig, the gig owner selects one uploaded idea and awards the cash payout to the musician who uploaded it.

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You Need an Audio Interface

If you're on Kompoz Studio, you're probably going to want to record an instrument or vocals. Recording high-quality audio at home is actually pretty easy and affordable. Most Kompoz members use a laptop or desktop computer and connect their instruments or microphones to it using a USB Audio Interface. Think of an Audio Interface as an external sound card with inputs for microphones and instruments.

There are tons of great Audio Interfaces available on Amazon, Guitar Center, Sweetwater, and other retails outlets. Many of these are within USD $100 - $300 and make for excellent home recording solutions.

You Need a DAW

A DAW is a Digital Audio Workstation, which contrary to what the name implies, is not (typically) hardware, but instead is software that makes it easy to edit the audio you record. DAWs allow you to record audio as individual tracks, edit them, and mix them together, resulting in a single audio file (i.e. a song). Popular DAWs include Pro Tools, Apple Logic Pro, Mixcraft, Reaper, and many others.

Before you go out and buy one, check to see if your Audio Interface includes a DAW. Many Audio Interfaces package a free or trial version of popular DAWs.

At Kompoz Studio, you use your own DAW. You download tracks from Gigs and import those into your DAW. Next you record your new track on your DAW at home or in your studio. Finally, you export (as a WAV, AIFF, Lame, or MP3 file) and upload your new track to the gig.


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