Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started on Kompoz

  •   What is Kompoz Studio?

    Kompoz Studio, like, makes it easy to work with musicians from all around the world. Kompoz Studio differs from in that it allows you to launch a for-hire gig. A gig is a request for work with an associated cash payout and a due date. Create a gig to tell musicians what you want (lyrics, a guitar solo, saxophone, or any other track) and how much you're willing to pay. Musicians will upload their ideas. At the end of the gig, the gig owner selects one uploaded idea and awards the full cash payout to the musician who uploaded it. Kompoz Studio will manage the Asset Transfer Agreements so that the gig owner acquires the rights to the final assets. Kompoz, uncoincidentally, is pronounced 'compose'.

  •   How much does it cost?

    If you're a musician who is uploading a track to an existing gig, there is no charge. If you're creating a gig, you decide how much you want to pay ("the payout") for a particular track. The minimum gig payout is $5.00 USD. Kompoz will add a small listing fee, which is calculated as a percentage of your payout amount and your Kompoz membership tier. Kompoz Plus, Pro, and Premium members pay a smaller listing fee.

  •   Who owns the rights to the music?

    You own the rights to your music. However, if you upload an submission to a gig and if you are chosen as the winner of that gig, you will be asked to sign an Asset Transfer Agreement with the gig owner. Once you sign the agreement and accept payment for the work, rights to that work will transfer from you to the gig owner.

    Sample Asset Transfer Agreement

  •   What gear do I need to use Kompoz Studio?

    In general, you need to be able to record and edit audio. Recording high-quality audio at home is actually pretty easy and affordable. Most Kompoz members use a laptop or desktop computer and connect their instruments or microphones to it using a USB Audio Interface.

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Launching a Gig

  •   What's a gig?

    A gig is a request for work with an associated cash payout. Users post gigs for work they need (e.g., guitar solo, vocals, mixing and mastering, etc.). Each gig has a creative brief, optional attachments, and a due date. Most gigs have audio attachments which other users can download to work on the gig. Gigs are typically "per-track". Which means that you should create one gig for each track that you need in order to complete your song. For example, suppose you've written a song and you've recorded your own guitar and bass track. And now you need a vocalist and a drummer. You would create one gig to request a vocalist and a second gig to request a drummer. Each gig will have a dollar payout amount that you choose. At the end of the gig, the audio files and copyright will be transferred to you (the gig owner) and the prize money will be transferred to the musician who uploaded the winning submission.

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  •   Can I choose how much I pay for a gig?

    You can name the payout amount as long as it is above the minimum of $5.00 USD. We recommend that you search for other active gigs within the same Track Type category, then pick a dollar amount that is commensurate. Obviously, the higher the prize, the more musicians you will attract to your gig.

  •   What's a Guaranteed Gig?

    A guaranteed gig means that the gig owner has committed to award the full payout to a participating musician and therefore has forfeited any option to a refund. No backsies! Guaranteed gigs are great because they tend to attract more musicians. The gig owner can optionally set a threshold defining the minimum number of required submitters. Once the minimum is reached, the payout becomes guaranteed.

Submitting to a Gig

  •   How do I record audio to upload to a gig?

    All recording happens on your equipment. Most Kompoz members record on laptops or PCs at home, using their own DAW. Once they have a track ready, they export their work to MP3 or other audio file format and then upload that file(s) to Kompoz.

    What's a DAW?

  •   Can I submit to any gig?

    Absolutely. You do not need to wait for an invitation or request permission. Gigs are public and gig owners are hoping you'll contribute.

  •   Can I upload the same submission to more than one gig?

    No! Well, maybe. Remember that if you win the gig, you'll be asked to sign an agreement to transfer your rights to the work over to the gig owner in exchange for payment. Therefore, you cannot exclusively promise the same work to two different gigs. However, there is an exception. You can wait to see if you win a gig, and if you definitively do not, then you can later upload that idea to another gig.

  •   How do I get paid?

    If you are selected as the winner for a gig, Kompoz Studio will credit your Kompoz cash earnings account with the payout from that gig (after you sign the Asset Transfer Agreement with the gig owner). You can withdraw from that account to your PayPal account at anytime. You must have a PayPal account to withdraw from Kompoz Studio.

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